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-**Hi!** ​I'm Fabrizio, ​a postdoctoral researcher ​at the Department of Informatics Systems ​and Communications ​of the University of Milano - Bicocca.+I'm Fabrizio ​PastoreChief Scientist II at the [[https://​wwwen.uni.lu/​snt|SnT Centre for Security Reliability ​and Trust]] ​of the University of Luxembourg. In the past, I've been an assistant professor at the [[http://​www.disco.unimib.it|University of Milano - Bicocca]].
-My Reserach ​interests ​regard ​Software Engineering,​ in particular ​Automatic Debugging, Program Analysis, and Software Testing.+My Research ​interests ​concern ​Software Engineering,​ in particular ​Software Testing, Program Analysis, Specifications Mining, and Automated Debugging. I work with embedded, cyber-physical systems, AI-enabled components, mobile devices. My research contributions concern DNN error explanation,​ requirements-driven testing, model-based testing, metamorphic testing, security testing, anomaly detection based on trace analysis, fault localization.
-The core of my research ​regards Dynamic Program AnalysisOver the years I designed several techniques that support software developers in the debugging of faults through monitoring or log file analysisI implemented most of these techniques in tools that are freely availablelook at the tools page for a list of all the available tools.+I'm principal investigator ​of two research ​projects, [[http://​faqas.uni.lu|Fault-basedAutomated Quality Assurance Assessment and Augmentation for Space Software (FAQAS )]], funded by the European Space Agency, and Functional Safety ​for Autonomous Systems (FUNTASY), funded by [[http://​fnr.lu/​|FNR]]. In addition, I co-lead ​number ​of industrial partnerships and European projects at [[http://​www.svv.lu|SnT'​s Software Verification and Validation lab]].
-am currently working on the development of techniques ​that integrate model checking ​and dynamic program analysis to automatically spot regression faults not detected by traditional regression testing.+conduct context-driven research ​that always ends up in publications in top software engineering venues ​and usable research prototypes. A list of toolsets based on my research is available on the [[http://​www.fabriziopastore.com/​doku.php?​id=tools|tools]] page
-From a couple of year I am working on the adoption of crowdsourcing platforms to support softwrae engineering tasks. This year I organize with Gordon Fraser, Leonardo Mariani, Thomas LaToza, and Nikolai Tillman the CrowdSourcing In Software Engineering (CSI-SE) workshop co-located with ICSE-2014 (more info available at the [[http://​www.lta.disco.unimib.it/​csi-se/​|CSI-SE web site]]).