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-**Hi!** ​I'm Fabrizio, ​a postdoctoral researcher ​at the [[http://​wwwen.uni.lu/​snt|Interdisciplinary ​Centre for SecurityReliability and Trust]] of the University of Luxembourg.+I'm Fabrizio ​PastoreChief Scientist II at the [[https://​wwwen.uni.lu/​snt|SnT Centre for Security Reliability and Trust]] of the University of Luxembourg. In the past, I've been an assistant professor at the [[http://​www.disco.unimib.it|University of Milano - Bicocca]].
-My Research interests ​regard ​Software Engineering,​ in particular ​Automatic Debugging, Program Analysis, and Software Testing.+My Research interests ​concern ​Software Engineering,​ in particular ​Software Testing, Program Analysis, Specifications Mining, and Automated Debugging. I work with embedded, cyber-physical systems, AI-enabled components, mobile devices. My research contributions concern DNN error explanation,​ requirements-driven testing, model-based testing, metamorphic testing, security testing, anomaly detection based on trace analysis, fault localization.
-I'​m ​currently working on Model Based techniques to automate System Testing.+I'​m ​principal investigator of two research projects, [[http://​faqas.uni.lu|Fault-based,​ Automated Quality Assurance Assessment and Augmentation for Space Software (FAQAS )]], funded by the European Space Agency, and Functional Safety for Autonomous Systems (FUNTASY), funded by [[http://​fnr.lu/​|FNR]]. In addition, I co-lead a number of industrial partnerships and European projects at [[http://​www.svv.lu|SnT'​s Software Verification and Validation lab]].
-Previously ​worked as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Milano ​Bicocca where i focused my research ​on Dynamic Program Analysis. I designed several anomaly detection techniques ​that use program instrumentation or log file analysis to support software developers ​in the debugging of software ​faultsI implemented most of these techniques in tools that are freely ​available, look at the tools page for a list of all the available tools. I recently worked on the integration between model checking and dynamic program analysis to automatically spot regression faults.+conduct context-driven ​research that always ends up in publications in top software ​engineering venues and usable research prototypesA list of toolsets based on my research is available ​on the [[http://​www.fabriziopastore.com/​doku.php?​id=tools|tools]] ​page.